Block chain on it’s way!

We love online casino. We love block chain. We Love Bitcoin. And it’s always fun to see when the big elephants are picking up on it since the somewhere start to see where it’s going. Our currencies, trading and banks are a legacy of a capitalism that somewhere quit working 10 years ago. A walk in to block chain systems for currencies are the solution that will bring trust and safety for financial markets back to the ordinary man.


Five Thoughts On What Bitcoin’s Rise In Value Means

The cryptocurrency bitcoin – money backed by mathematics rather than governments or precious metals – first came into existence around 2009. The digital currency, which is “mined” by computers, has since gained a solid number of adherents, and nearly as many questions.

Bitcoin brags about it’s digital wallets, easy transfers, identity protection and minimal fees. Critics warn of the system’s complexity to explain, as well as its volatility. Some question the use the money is put to, saying that anonymity can help criminals shift money safer.

But in early January, Bitcoin’s value surpassed a record-high set in November 2013, and as of early March, the price continues to rise. Is this change a temporary one, coming from market influences, or does it signal broader acceptance for the currency? Members from the Forbes Technology Council have this to say about what 2017 will mean for bitcoin adoption: read more at


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